About us

At Odyssey Medical ~

Our job is to be there before you need us.

The team at Odyssey Medical knows the importance first-responders face in your jobs everyday. Ensuring you have all the necessary tools at your fingertips - regardless of when or where you're needed - is a responsibility we take very seriously. We are proud of our role as one of Canada's foremost distributors of first aid, safety & rescue supplies and equipment for business, organization and personal applications.

We're there for you, and with you. Everyday.

"Our clients work in emergency situations daily. They trust us to provide the best tools for the job. Our goal is to make their jobs as easy as possible."

~ Kevin Jones Owner Odyssey Medical

Our mission is to provide your team with the best.

We provide top quality, practical emergency medical supplies and equipment at highly competitive prices. Fast. Our personalized customer service allows us to be the first responder to your team's needs.

Our vision is to be the supplier of choice for Canadian first-responders.

Rather than compiling an endless catalogue, we prefer to bring our customers a select inventory that matches your needs with a choice of quality supplies and equipment. Our extensive product knowledge allows us to provide pre-sale consultations ensuring you have exactly what you require.

We want to create new standards for casualty management throughout the industry by committing to ongoing research and development, consulting, specialized training and field experience.

Our values demand we respect the essential work done by first responders.

Our integrity is second to none. We refuse to compromise at your expense. You can count on us to provide quality emergency supplies and equipment as promised.

Our adaptability means recognizing there is always room for improvement. It means constantly seeking better products and training opportunities to enhance the services we provide to our customers.

Our appreciation for those highly dedicated men and women in the field who risk their lives daily to be the caretakers of our country shows in everything we do.

Our community operates on the front lines of their lives every day supporting those requiring assistance. Our charitable giving program seeks to return the favour.

Our philosophy is to provide the first response to first responders.

For our clients, it can be critical to have the right tools for the job. Literally critical. When you look to us for help, we are there. We won't make you wait. We won't make you pay more or buy more than you need. We strive to give you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. That's what you'd do for us and we'd expect nothing less.

Our founder Kevin Jones and his team have been there.

Medical supplies and equipment are the silent partners of trained professionals at every emergency. Through you, Odyssey Medical is also there, every step of the way, providing support in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Our commitment to our clients is uncompromising

We pledge to provide the highest quality of product, product knowledge and customer service.

Can't find an item in our inventory? We will do our best to source it for you.

Our Priority is your satisfaction.

Please contact us at any time to let us know how we can assist you.